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Mineh Photography is becoming Mineh Ishida Photography

Rebranding as Mineh Ishida Photography

So after a long hiatus from photography in order to launch my Creative Marketing Agency: Arcturus Creative, I’ve decided that it’s time to rebrand Mineh Photography to better reflect my new goals with photography.

I’ve moved from wanting to be a commercial photographer, to deciding that photography is a personal thing for me, and I’d like to move more towards the art side of it. I want a way to express myself and to show the world as I see it, not so much as a client wants. Because of this pursuit, I’m going to make my work more personal.

Mineh Ishida Photography is more of a personal brand

In light of that change, I will be changing the name of the site to Mineh Ishida Photography, and will be focusing more on the why of my work, rather than the what.

This blog will remain as a place to post my recent projects and goals as I grow as an artist.

In addition, you can view my Personal blog about business and life at Mineh Ishida – Creative Marketing & Photography

This will also mean a new website with updated photos and content.

Looking forward to this transition in the next few months. Look forward to Mineh Ishida Photography launching this fall.

Toshiba 16GB SDHC Cards (class10) on Sale for $8

If any of you are looking for new SDHC memory for your cameras, Amazon currently has Toshiba 16GB cards available for $8. These are class 10, so data bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue. This is a really great price guys.  The 32GB SDHC cards are $17, but I prefer the 16s, so I spread my shoot out over more cards. That way if one fails, I don’t lose ALL my photos.

I know I plan to get a few to supplement.  Never hurts to have a few extra SD cards.

Toshiba 16Gb Class 10 Secure Digital High Capacity Card (THNSH016GTRT)

DJ Brendan – Professional Portrait

A friend of mine is a fellow DJ here in Florida.  He recently asked me to take a portrait for his website.   We went for an edgy urban look on this one. What do you guys think?

Arian & Rose Couple shoot


Rose and Arian were kind enough to give us a few hours to shoot in historic Ybor in Tampa.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked with two people who were so much in love as these two.  Their chemistry and connection literally drove the whole shoot.

Jesse and Cherish Engagement photo shoot

Sometimes photoshoots are so much fun. The people are right, the setting is right, and everyone is laughing and having a great time!

Recently, we had a shoot like that. We had the pleasure of doing a themed engagement shoot with Cherish and Jesse in Tampa, Florida.  They have a very fun retro look as you can see from these photos.  Both of them were an absolute pleasure to work with, and the setting was so much fun.

I hope to work with them again in the future, and that all shoots are as much fun as this one!


Launching Mineh Photography’s New Brand, Tech Jam and More!
Mineh Photography Business Cards

Mineh Photography’s New Business Cards

Today is a big day for Mineh Photography!  We’re launching the rebranded website tonight, and have just gotten our new business cards.  This is my first blog post… Today really feels like a turning point for the business.

Having a web presence you’re proud of makes all the difference in the world.  There’s just something more official when you have your branding put together and a place where you can send people who are interested in your work.  In today’s world where everyone heads to the internet to look for goods and services, not having a website that reflects your brand really is inexcusable.

In addition to new branding, as many of you know, we’ve added Ashley Traczyk to the Mineh Photography team as Business Manager recently.  She’s so integral to the success of the business that we’ve made her a partner.  She is fully committed to the success of this enterprise, and has already been invaluable in organizing and setting up our new client workflows.  I’m so excited to have her on board, and cannot even begin to express how thankful I am that we’ll be working together to build this company!

Tonight, I’m sitting down with Ashley, Patrick and Blair to discuss the direction of Mineh Photography.  I think that we’ve really got a great team put together.  We’re actively interviewing makeup artists and hair stylists, and are getting ready to market like crazy for the Fall and Winter seasons.

This week we have a few family and portrait shoots scheduled, and we’re also shooting the Tampa Bay Tech Jam, which is a great cause, and will be a ton of fun to photograph.  If you’ve not heard of it, head over to their website.  Their mission is to “create a better future for at-risk youth of Tampa Bay by providing inspiration, education and opportunities in technology fields”  I’m honored and humbled that Mineh Photography will be there to be a part of such an important mission.

All in all, I feel like there’s a really bright future ahead for Mineh Photography… Can’t wait to see where we take this!




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