About Mineh

Mineh Ishida began his photography career before he ever picked up a camera.  By working in the graphic design and marketing profession, he developed theories and knowledge about color, composition and storytelling long before the first click of a shutter.  Realizing that he needed an artistic outlet, he picked up the camera in 2009, and has been passionately (read obsessively) learning everything he can about the art and technique of photography and post processing since.

The realization that it was the perfect fit was like a bolt of lightning. A long time ago, he asked his guitar teacher Dr. Arthur White how he became so good at playing guitar.   The answer was, “I never forced myself to practice.  I just played.  I did it because I had to.”  Photography was the same. Since he picked up his first DSLR, Mineh has not stopped taking photographs.  Never was it a chore or work that had to be done.  It was something he HAD to do.  Mineh doesn’t play guitar anymore.

Mineh’s vision in his photography comes from his desire to capture the beauty of people and the world around them.

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