Mineh Photography is becoming Mineh Ishida Photography

Rebranding as Mineh Ishida Photography

So after a long hiatus from photography in order to launch my Creative Marketing Agency: Arcturus Creative, I’ve decided that it’s time to rebrand Mineh Photography to better reflect my new goals with photography.

I’ve moved from wanting to be a commercial photographer, to deciding that photography is a personal thing for me, and I’d like to move more towards the art side of it. I want a way to express myself and to show the world as I see it, not so much as a client wants. Because of this pursuit, I’m going to make my work more personal.

Mineh Ishida Photography is more of a personal brand

In light of that change, I will be changing the name of the site to Mineh Ishida Photography, and will be focusing more on the why of my work, rather than the what.

This blog will remain as a place to post my recent projects and goals as I grow as an artist.

In addition, you can view my Personal blog about business and life at Mineh Ishida – Creative Marketing & Photography

This will also mean a new website with updated photos and content.

Looking forward to this transition in the next few months. Look forward to Mineh Ishida Photography launching this fall.

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